• How much?

    Everybody wants to immediately get to that bottom line. Prices vary depending on what services you need, equipment needed, where and when the event is, and the amount of time services will be needed. A quick phone or email conversation with me gets you a proper quote.
  • How far will you travel?

    I am available for world wide travel if necessary, however my main region is VA, WV, MD, DC, NC and SC.
  • Do you take requests?

    If the client wants me to take requests from their guests, sure, if not, no problem. I'll even play music from someone's phone or iPod if I don't have the music, as long as it is radio edit and tasteful.
  • Will it be you that shows up to DJ or some other person?

    Me and me only. I am Alan Dever Entertainment. At a lot of these other companies, you speak to someone about the event, a couple other guys show up for set up, and then a random DJ shows up that you've never met. I like to meet with my clients prior to the event to get acquainted, learn about their personalities, and what exactly they are looking for, so that they feel comfortable with me and I with them. I can however, refer and subcontract gigs out to a few reputable DJs in my area if I am already booked.
  • How long have you been in business?

    I have been a professional DJ since 2001.
  • Do you wear a tuxedo?

    Alan usually wears a suit and tie, and he'll even try to match your colors.
  • Do you provide karaoke?

    No, I do not offer Karaoke services.
  • Do you interact with the crowd and make announcements?

    Absolutely. I am your event tour guide, and keep your guests entertained and informed throughout the evening. I also keep the other vendors informed as to when certain things are taking place before they do, so the photographers do not miss a shot or the food is served too early.
  • I am planning the wedding myself and have never done this before. Can you assist me with the planning?

    Absolutely! I consider myself your reception planner. I can help you organize and pick out your ceremony music, and help you create a timeline and itinerary for your event. I am very involved in the planning process. If you do have a wedding planner and all that is covered, great. But if not I am certainly able to assist you with the planning.
  • Do you take breaks?

    No. Absolutely not. I usually don't even sit during your event, and I don't bring guests or other people. If you choose to feed me great, but it is not required, nor are breaks.