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  • 9/27/14 Woodford/Harlow Reception

    A fun and festive reception at West Manor Estate, complete with cornhole and ladderball in the lawn, photobooth, slide show, and "Enter Sandman" intro!  An old school Dr. Pepper in the bottle toast,  fun "Shoe-ley Wed Game" and lots of dancing!  Congratulations Laura Beth and David Harlow!  

  • 9/20/14 Foster/Purser Wedding & Reception

    An absolute unique and beautiful ceremony in the Patrick Henry Ballroom, followed by a fun filled Reception, with lots of dancing and many, many toasts throughout the evening!  The grooms father danced more than ANY other groom's father that I've experienced in my 15 years as a DJ, (His name was Alan!). The crowd was great, the food was fantastic, (Table 50 Catering), the decor was phenomenal, (Caroline LaRocca Event Design), and the late night pizza and hot wings were spot on; especially if you were feeling a bit "peckish."  Congratulations Kecia and David Purser!